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Is SEO Worth It? with Tim Schmidt

Episode Summary

Tim Schmidt is a Florida based Digital Marketing Entrepreneur who specializes in start-ups in emerging industries.  A self-taught Internet Marketer, Tim relies on content as the backbone of all of his businesses.  This philosophy led him to teach a course on affiliate marketing, give many speeches at industry events, and has even led him to write a soon to be released book, called Amplifying Average.  You can learn more at his official website. 

Episode Notes

In the interview, I wanted to focus a large portion of the conversation around content curation and SEO. SEO has played an incredible part in Penji’s success and we believe heavily in it here. I love listening to other peoples processes and procedures. I love hearing how others are able to be successful in their own unique processes. This interview is no different. Towards the end of the conversation we talk about affiliate marketing and how important it can be to the lively hood and success to side income. Tim is able to travel more often using his affiliate commissions and that’s incredibly hard to do without the right approach. Affiliate marketing has incredible benefits and we’ve talked extensively on the show about it. Are you in the industry of side hustles and using the power of affiliate marketing? Would love to hear about it in the comments at TBESHOW.com.

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